Call for papers for The Universal – Vol. 3

The Universal – Annual Human Rights Review is looking for papers for its 2018 volume. The Universal is a multidisciplinary journal that accepts papers from all academic disciplines with a focus on human rights. In doing so, The Universal endeavors to foster interdisciplinary debate and as such gives priority to articles with an interdisciplinary scope.

The theme of volume three is “Human Rights in Context – Translation, Adaptation, and Dissemination”. Priority will be given to articles related to this theme.

Articles may deal with – but are by no means limited to – the following questions:

  • How are human rights culturally translated into specific cultural settings?
  • How are human rights adapted to different institutional settings such as prisons, refugee camps, hospitals and schools?
  • How is knowledge about human rights disseminated to children e.g. through schools?
  • To what extent can human rights be local while still being universal?
  • How do Ngo’s work with human rights based approaches in local communities?
  • How are human rights translated and incorporated into national legislation?
  • How are human rights ‘translated’ into the world of business?
  • How do companies work with human rights in local communities?
  • How do local or national governments disseminate information about the rights of citizens and non-citizens to the public e.g. voting rights?
  • How do local human rights issues affect larger human rights discussions? E.g. how did the separation of students based on ethnicity at Langkær High School translate to a national discussion about anti-discrimination?
  • How can different art forms be utilized to disseminate information about or discuss human rights? E.g. music festivals, theater, film, performance art.


The Universal primarily aims to publish research-based articles by students and recent graduates at BA, MA and PhD level. To be considered for publication, research-based papers need to be within the topic of human rights and comply with The Universal’s submission guidelines. Papers that are initially approved will go through a double-blind peer review by two reviewers, after which the editors will select the papers to be included in the volume. Authors are expected to edit their articles in accordance with the advice from the two peer reviewers before publication.

It is also possible to contribute with smaller pieces such as literary reviews, responses to articles, book reviews, opinion pieces and field notes. These do not need to comply with the submission guidelines. For more information, contact the editorial team

All contributions must be original, not previously or simultaneously published elsewhere.

How to apply

First step is to submit an abstract describing the theme, methods, empirical material and theoretical framework of the article. The abstract must be no more than 250 words and should be emailed to no later than November 15th 2017. On December 1st authors will receive notification of whether or not they are invited to submit an article. Complete articles will be received until March 1st.

Publication of vol. 3 is scheduled for Fall/Winter 2018.

The Universal is non-profit and is available for free at

Papers will also be indexed at major academic databases. To submit a paper, please send an email to There is no fee for submission or publication.