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Seminar Series: Atrocities and The Development of Human Rights

How has historic events shaped the international human rights regime as we know it today? Think Rights is launching “Atrocities and the History of Human Rights”, a series of seminars where researchers and practitioners will present their insights into historical atrocities and how they have shaped the international human rights regime.


Human Dignity and Human Rights” by Morten Dige

February 10th at 16.30

In this lecture Morten Dige will discuss the concepts of humanity and human rights. This lecture aims to make the participants investigate what human rights are and acts as the introduction to a series of lectures on the Development of Human Rights.

Morten Dige is Associate Professor of Philosophy, Culture and Society at Aarhus University.

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“What Is the Colour of Human Dignity?” by Steven L. B. Jensen

March 9th at 16.30

This lecture will be about the development of Human Rights since 1945 focusing on the UN Race convention and the concept of dignity. Drawing on historical examples such as the Apartheid-regime, Steven Jensen will examine the role of the race question in the area of international policy.

Steven L. B. Jensen is a PhD in history and a researcher at Danish Institute for Human Rights.


“Why Do States Commit Torture?” by Ahlam Chemlali

March 16th at 16.30

The UN Torture Convention came into force in 1987 and has since been ratified by 158 states. However, torture is still a widespread human rights viloation. This lecture will examine the central questions: Why do states commit torture? How is it legitimised? And what has the Torture Convention actually achieved?

Ahlam Chemlali is a Program Manager at DIGNITY – Danish Institute Against Torture.

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“Sexual Violence in Conflict” by Robin May Schott

April 13th at 16.30

This lecture focuses on sexual violence in conflict with a specific focus on armed conflict in Bosnia and Rwanda. In continuation, Robin May Schott will examine the international response to sexual violence and track the development of a UN Resolution on sexual violence as a weapon of war.

Robin May Schott is a senior researcher at the Danish Institute for International Studies and an international expert on sexual violence perpetrated during conflict.


Prevention and Reconciliation – International Responses to Atrocities” by Troels Gauslå Engell and Jakob v. H. Holtermann

April 27th at 16.30

This lecture will examine the responsibility of the state before and after mass atrocity looking at the concepts of Responsibility to Protect and Transitional Justice. The historical background for both concepts will be examined and different aspects of transitional justice will be addressed.

Troels Gauslå Engell is PhD fellow at Centre for Military Studies, Institute for Political Science, University of Copenhagen.

Jakob v. H. Holtermann is Associate Professor in Legal Philosophy at Centre of Excellence for International Courts, Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen.


“New frontiers of Human Rights” by Mette Nørgaard Dissing-Spandet

May, 4th at 16.30

In the final lecture of the series Mette Nørgaard Dissing-Spandet will discuss the new frontiers of human rights and describe the developments which are currently taking place in human rights at the global political scene.

Mette Nørgaard Dissing-Spandet is head of the Human Rights Department at the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


All events are held at Studenterhuset, Købmagergade 52, Copenhagen.

If you have any questions, please contact project manager Anne-Mai Flyvholm at

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Business Human Rights – Start up meeting

August 19th at 15.00

At Levende Menneskerettigheder – Human Rights in Action, Nyhavn

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International human rights standards have traditionally been the responsibility of governments, aimed at regulating relations between the State and individuals and groups. But with the increased role of corporate actors, nationally and internationally, the issue of business’ impact on the enjoyment of human rights has been placed on the agenda of the United Nations.
Think Rights supports this agenda. We are having a start up meeting to establish the new working group for all who are interested in business human rights.

Thomas Trier, external consultant for Deloitte and lawyer specializing in human rights

Representative from Danish Institute for Human Rights (more information will be posted soon)

We want you to bring your curiosity and input. We are open to all ideas and we look forward to dicuss the need for action on this topic with you.

If you want to know more about human rights in a business perspective see the UN Guiding Principles.

15.00 – 15.20
Welcome: ”Think Rights & Business Human Rights”
By Jakob Lindmark Frier and Alexander Andersson

15.20 – 16.00
Presentation: “Human Rights Management in Nordic Businesses”
By Thomas Trier, external consultant at Deloitte and lawyer specialising in human rights

16.00 – 16.45
Case: ”Business Human Rights in a Danish Context”
By Danish Institute for Human Rights

16.45 – 17.00

Brainstorming: new focus area



Information meeting and general assembly

At the meeting we will introduce new members to our work and plans for 2015. If you have any ideas for new projects and events that Think Rights could work on you are more than welcome to pitch them and we can help you start a new working group.

March 11th, 7.30 pm

Humanity in Action Denmark
Farvergade 27, opg b
1463 Copenhagen C

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General Assembly!

Hi thinkers!
It is time that we hold our annual general meeting.

At this meeting we will give an update on our on-going projects, so if you want to hear about our activities or join one of our projects, this is the place to be! it will be possible to join one of our existing working groups or find partners for a new one.

The board will give their report, we will elect new members of the board, and we will discuss the future of Think Rights. With the following agenda:

1. Election of Moderator
2. Election of Secretary
3. The Boards Annual Report
4. The Financial Report
5. Discussion of incoming suggestions [TBA June 1st]
6. Election of Chairman
7. Election of Treasurer
8. Election of Accountant
9. Election of Board

Finally we will also launch our brand new website. We are quite excited to share our work with you guys as it will hopefully be a great platform for our future work.
We are looking forward to seeing you.