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Third Limbo-podcast is out

Together with assistant professor Martin Lemberg from Aalborg University, this episode will provide you with extensive contextual knowledge on border control and externalization and with Afghan moviemaker and human rights advocate Malek, Klara talk about deportation and Afghanistan.

New podcast series about rejected and detained asylum seekers

Limbo is a podcast on awaiting and rejected asylum-seekers in Denmark and the conditions under which they live. The past five months I have gathered stories on rejected or awaiting asylum-seekers who are stalled awaiting their date of departure or asylum centres up till five years or more.

The overall aim of this podcast is to inform about the asylum-procedures in Denmark and to provide alternative documentation for a human rights issue in Denmark, which is often neglected by mainstream media and politicians. The podcast is produced by Klara Nordahl. She says about the podcast:

“Through this podcast, I want to stress that this group of people; families, individuals and children who are not granted asylum or recognised are still controlled and governed by the very same system that rejected them. I want to emphasise this as a paradox as well as a human rights issue, that Denmark, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, spends our taxes to make the lives of people who sought protection in Denmark in the first place, unbearable, for an unlimited period.”

The podcast consists of four episodes, which will be launched each Tuesday from this day.

It includes a historical backtracking of how Denmark has treated rejected asylum seekers priory and how rejected or awaiting asylum-seekers are treated to this day and other perspectives on migration. It also includes personal stories, which are diverse and you will learn that their reasoning for seeking asylum are likewise.

“With these personal stories, I also hope to show that asylum-seekers or refugees are not a homogenous group, but at the same time how they all share the limbo condition,” Klara Nordahl says.

Listen to the podcast here:

Updates on the Human Trafficking event

We’re planning a one-day event in February about the different facets of human trafficking. At our last meeting, we agreed on the following outlook:

Location and Time:

  • Where- Studenterhuset
  • When- 6th of February
  • Time- still to decide


  • screening of a few short documentaries that present different aspects of the human trafficking
  • an introduction on human trafficking given by Linne Møller Christiansen
  • a presentation given by Christian Groes, researcher at RUC
  • Center mod Menneskehandel

Possible documentaries

Coffee & Cake Break

Our next meeting will be held soon, so stay tuned and joins us!

Read more about the Events group and contact Larisa Andrei for more information at

Information meeting and general assembly

At the meeting we will introduce new members to our work and plans for 2015. If you have any ideas for new projects and events that Think Rights could work on you are more than welcome to pitch them and we can help you start a new working group.

March 11th, 7.30 pm

Humanity in Action Denmark
Farvergade 27, opg b
1463 Copenhagen C

Read more and sign up via the facebook event: