Podcast: Human Rights and Human Dignity by Morten Dige


The first seminar in the series: ’Atrocities and the History of Human Rights’ was held at Studenterhuset on February 10, 2016. Morten Dige from Aarhus University visited Studenterhuset to conduct the seminar, and it was a great success! ‘Human Dignity and Human Rights’ set the frame for the seminar, which gave rise to a provoking and fascinating philosophical debate with a lively crowd wanting to discuss the nature of humanity.

Who has the right to dignity, and how has dignity as a term changed over time? What is the relation between dignity and human rights? And is the concept of human dignity a basis of human rights? These were just some of the questions, which Morten Dige addressed during the seminar. Not only did these questions open up for a conceptual discussion about humanity and what the term implies and means, it also linked the concepts of philosophy and history, which gave the audience something to think about in terms of the general application of human rights, and in terms of the contemporary issues relating to the concepts of human rights and dignity.

This seminar provided the foundation for the Atrocities-series.

You can listen to the presentation here:

You can also download Morten Diges power point Presentation.

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