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The Universal is an annual human rights journal with an interdisciplinary scope publishing research by students (BA, MA and Ph.D.) and recent graduates.

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The Universal – Annual Human Rights Review is looking for papers for its 2018 volume. If you are interested in contributing please read the Call for Papers. We are also looking for peer reviewers from different academic backgrounds. Read our Call for Peer Reviewers to sign up.


Since the end of WWII, human rights have become a focal point in current global dialogue. Not only have they triggered worldwide political change but human rights rhetoric has also become a regular fixture in the language used by activists, NGOs, politicians, diplomats and lawyers.

Unfortunately, such encouraging progress has failed to develop at the same speed in academic realms, where the area of human rights is only just beginning to establish itself as a legitimate field of research. While the subject is generating interest across a variety of academic disciplines – such as history, law, political philosophy, ethics, international relations and sociology – it is also responsible for widespread challenges amongst students and researchers alike. Fundamentally, a certain degree of academic cloistering abounds where human rights are independently addressed from a number of different perspectives and with a number of distinct approaches.

Think Rights fundamentally believes that such a diversity of perspectives is valuable and can be harnessed to further a comprehensive and holistic understanding of the subject. In order to realize this potential, a more open minded and interdisciplinary debate on human rights is required. Unfortunately, while many humanities and social sciences students at Danish universities are engaging in original human rights research, the majority of this research remains confined to distinct fields and fails to reach a larger audience.


Through The Universal, Think Rights hopes to create a platform whereby high quality student research on human rights can be publicized. Essentially, by inviting students to an interdisciplinary inter-university debate on human rights, we hope to further its locus on the academic agenda while deepening our insight into its nuances. The Universal publishes in both print and online and is produced on a non-profit basis.

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