Submissions guidelines

Guidelines for submission of articles

Research articles should follow the following guidelines. For guidelines for other kinds of contributions such as book reviews and opinion pieces, please contact the editors at the

To be selected the articles should:
• be related to human rights.
• contain original research.
• be of a high academic quality.
• be well written and clear in their arguments.
• be relevant to a broad audience.

Submitted articles must:
• be in English.
• explain its purpose, methodology and conclusions clearly.
• not exceed 10 standard pages (22.000 characters with spaces) including tables and figures and must include an abstract not exceeding 250 words.
• have a minimum of 10 references, and there is no maximum limit for this.
• use the Harvard style of citation/referencing.
• be in .doc or .docx format

Submission should include:
• a cover letter with the authors name, address, phone number, e-mail address
• a bio not exceeding 50 words

If you are in doubt whether your idea for an article is relevant, please contact the editors and we will give you feedback.
The deadline for submission is May 20th 2016, and all submissions can be sent to