About us

Think Rights was founded in 2013 by students and young professionals in Denmark with a common interest in human rights.

Our mission is to create a platform where a variety of human rights stakeholders (students, researchers and practitioners) can meet and share ideas, knowledge and experiences on human rights issues. We believe that human rights are characterized by a number of different perspectives, approaches, interests and paradoxes, and we wish to make this diversity visible.

Think Rights aims to facilitate new initiatives to raise awareness on human rights. The organization is made up of independent working groups working on specific projects. You can see which projects are active at the moment and join one of the working groups. We can also help you start your own project.


The board:

The board is elected annually at the general assembly. The board is responsible for the organisation’s economy and takes decisions concerning the strategy of Think Rights.

  • Anne-Mai Flyvholm, Chairperson, MA in Sociology of Religion
  • Morten Bruun, Vice chairperson, Master student in Sociology
  • Jakob Lindmark Frier
  • Roya Høvsgaard
  • Gisele Fedorchuk